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24×7 Global Scalability

Mike Heffner | VP, Ad Operations

“They feel like they are part of (Verizon Media Group) and that we work together as a cohesive, collaborative team.”


  • SERVICE: AdOps
  • INDUSTRY: Publisher
  • YEARS: 8

Ad Ops  |  8 Years


  • Verizon Media advertising technology includes ONE ADTECH,, and Pictela;
  • Client owns online publications such as HuffPo, TechCrunch, and Engadget;
  • Verizon Media requires rapidly scalable, 24×7, global AdOps support.
  • Verizon Media advertising technologies includes ONE ADTECH,, and Pictela;
  • Verizon Media owns online publications such as HuffPo, TechCrunch, and Engadget;
  • Adap.TV a specialist in video advertising , and a SEBPO client, was acquired by VMG in 2013;
  • Client requires rapidly scalable, 24×7, global AdOps support.


ONE by Verizon Media Group unifies multiple advertising technologies within one suite with media planning, audience management, creative optimization, analytics and attribution, as well as Verizon Media Group’s market-leading display, video and TV DSPs.  On the unified platform, media, creative, audience management and attribution are integrated with buying tools for all channels (display, mobile, video and TV) to give advertisers more control and the ability to shift marketing investments to the most effective tactics in real time.

“There’s that confidence level with SEBPO that regardless of the task, regardless of the time, regardless of the level of complexity, I know that we have that level of knowledge sitting over there.  There’s always that confidence that the SEBPO team can pick it up and get it done either that day while you’re there or come back the next day and it’s done.  They make you look like a rock star in front of your clients.”

The Challenge

Verizon Media Group acquired fast-growing technology and digital platform company Adap.TV, and other related companies.   As part of its plan for the ONE unified platform, which brought together display, mobile and video across channels, Verizon Media Group needed a cost-efficient professional partner it could rely on 24/7 to ensure the video components were handled expertly, from strategy, to quality assurance and testing, to ad policy compliance, to the ad operations.

The Solution

Verizon Media Group conducted an assessment of their work with multiple providers to explore if there was one company who had a cost-efficient approach combined with the knowledge, 24/7 coverage, strategy and attention to detail that Verizon Media Group demanded.  SEBPO became the clear choice. Verizon Media Group selected SEBPO to handle its new video platform release and ongoing traffic because of its onshore presence, and the high level of knowledge, expertise and coordination, and low attrition, found within SEBPO’s U.S. and Bangladesh teams.

The Outcome

“Working with SEBPO, we’ve been able to provide our clients with the high level of service that they are expecting and deliver the revenue dollars that they are asking for. They have very strong resources, and very knowledgeable, educated and responsive teams.  Plus, they are less expensive than some of the other people that we work with.  It’s a more cost-effective way to support a business than anything we’ve done before, and it allows our domestic staff to focus on more strategic needs and growing our business.

 They don’t feel like they’re just a separate company.  They feel like they are part of Verizon Media Group and that we work together as a cohesive, collaborative team.”

—Mike Heffner; VP of Ad Operations, Verizon Media Group


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