Process Governance
A Process For Success

John Wooden | Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”


When outsourcing your client’s ad operations or creative production tasks, excellent process governance—the planning, systems, communication, and management necessary to do it “right”—is the key ingredient to success.  At SEBPO, we believe that process governance provides the robust foundation necessary for sustainable partnerships that optimize accuracy, achieve campaign goals, and minimize team attrition along the way.

We emphasize the importance of process governance because it is truly a part of our company DNA. In fact, from as early as the second meeting with a prospective client, SEBPO’s on-shore operations team is brought into the business development process to help lay the foundation for a successful partnership.  This allows us to craft the right Statement Of Work to meet your needs, and tailor an SLA with expectations that are both aspirational and achievable.

Yet we are often asked the question, “Great, what happens when the ink dries”?

No, the operations team does not disappear, and your work does not get shipped to a black box.  In fact, we believe so strongly in process governance that we include it in our SLA.  So, failing to provide exceptional process governance means that we’d also be failing to meet the terms of our own SLA, which doesn’t make much sense.


SEBPO’s Todd Sautter creates a custom implementation plan: a road map for a successful launch and continuous growth.

As the relationship progresses and changes occur, we record all activities to keep staff up to date and documents, like the implementation guide, current.

We are experienced with dozens of ad ops and creative production platforms, but we’ll want to learn the nuances of how your company operates using them.

A scheduled governance call takes place each week to review tasks, discuss hot topics, and more. You can call us if to just to say hello too.

Each quarter, and once per year, we provide business reports that document KPI’s, analyze strengths and areas for improvement, and plan for what’s ahead.


Krista Achey – VP of Client Success

Once the ink does dry, Krista takes over the day-to-day interactions with SEBPO’s clients. In addition to being the first line of contact for questions and concerns, Krista is also responsible for keeping the client connected with Todd, Mark, and the Bangladesh team.  To keep everyone on task and ensure all communications channels are flowing, Krista leads a weekly governance call to make sure the client and their SEBPO team(s) are working together seamlessly and hand-in-hand.

Mark Thompson – VP of Global Service Delivery

Optimizing accuracy, monitoring resources, and minimizing attrition are keys to a successful partnership.  Mark’s life is dedicated to making sure that our clients have the resources they need, and that our off-shore team is prepared to provide the high quality of service to meet all client expectations. And, as part of building that sustainable partnership, he also leads the quarterly and annual business-partnership reviews with our clients that analyze all aspects of the working relationship.

Todd Sautter – VP of Advertising Operations

Todd knows, better than most, how to plan for success in ad operations. A leader in the ad tech industry for over a decade—many of those years spent on the client side of the table—Todd develops and executes a customized implementation plan to start every new partnership. Once complete, he then oversees knowledge transfer and continuous training of the off-shore team, while also providing regular counsel to clients throughout the relationship.

The truth is, most days, process governance is easy to overlook and undervalue, especially when done well. But in the ad tech industry, global scalability and rapid flexibility to meet client demands are the lifeblood of growing companies. SEBPO’s commitment to process governance provides the foundation necessary for our clients to quickly adapt to those challenges, preparing us to help them tackle the most challenging requests. We make that commitment to do the little things exceptionally well because your success is our success.


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