Joel Lassiter | Dir., Production Operations

“They’re trained to detect problems in our software and they ended up finding just an amazing quantity of bugs. That was our goal. When you’re doing testing, that’s what you want.”


  • SERVICE: QA Testing
  • INDUSTRY: Mobile Development
  • YEARS: SINCE 2013

QA Testing  |  4 Years


  • Partnership allows client to provide 24×7, “Follow The Sun” coverage;
  • QA Services: exploratory testing, functional testing, usability, and more;
  • Joel is a 2x client, after successful partnership at a previous company.
  • Client since 2013;
  • Partnership allows clients to provide their customers 24×7, “Follow The Sun” coverage;
  • QA Testing services include: exploratory testing, functional testting, usability, and more…;
  • Joel is a 2x client, bringing SEBPO with him due to the successful partnership at a previous company.


Ingage, formerly ScrollMotion, helps companies create interactive content for touchscreen devices through their unique combination of software and storytelling. Their software platform, Ingage, is used by businesses to quickly create and share interactive mobile content and applications for sales presentations, portfolios, trade shows and kiosks. Ingage helps clients harness photos, images, and assets to create effective, immersive presentations and to vividly tell their story.

“It’s about the challenges you face. Does the company fix problems and deliver things on time? Do they fix problems with being able to communicate with individuals who are not sitting next to you? Do they fix problems by making sure that you have the flexibility to increase or reduce your core staff as needed? That’s really difficult. It’s no problem though. There’s a company – SEBPO – that will provide you with 24/7 round-the-clock, follow-the-sun service, using your toolsets, with overlap and supervision, and at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.”

The Challenge

Ingage needed a highly trained, creative and strategic partner who could provide exemplar, rigorous quality assurance testing, find and fix the bugs, and ready their interactive iOS mobile applications for the market. They needed seamless 24/7 “follow-the-sun” support and communication. They needed an expert team who could bring ideas and solutions should issues arise, rather than just a “robotic” group doing tasks.

The Solution

Ingage chose to partner with SEBPO because of its unmatched price point, its strong U.S.-based leadership, its well-educated and talented teams in Bangladesh, and its flexible follow-the-sun support that never misses a beat.

The SEBPO Quality Assurance team works with Ingage as an extension to thoroughly test the Ingage applications. The exhaustive quality assurance process includes analyzing the requirement, preparing the test plan, writing the test cases, executing the test cases — including smoke testing, ad hoc or exploratory testing, functional testing, UI testing, regression testing, security testing, and load testing, bug posting, and bug fix re-testing. In addition, SEBPO conducts analytics testing along with client-specific analytics, plus API and Unit testing.

The Outcome

“SEBPO’s communication around the clock is impeccable, as is their training. And they’re all about getting the best people. I’m very impressed with their ability to scour the universities and find the best talent in Dhaka, many who have master’s degrees, and who go through an intensive training process within the company. They’re trained to detect problems in our software and they ended up finding just an amazing quantity of bugs. That was our goal. When you’re doing testing, that’s what you want.”

—Joel Lassiter; Dir., Production Operations


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