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“I’m proud to have SEBPO on the team and working on tasks for my clients. You and the team have exceeded my expectations! The large 63 screenshot project was done very well, there were none missing, or that we needed to re-do. The team is doing a great job of taking screenshots on both relevant and quality websites!”


  • SERVICE: Ad Ops
  • INDUSTRY: Ad Tech
  • YEARS: 3

DSP AD TECH  |  3 Years


  • Client chose SEBPO over seven (7) other well-known vendors;
  • Utilization rate nearly 100% on 15,660 hours/month;
  • 17% increase in new advertisers since starting with SEBPO.
  • SEBPO client since 2016;
  • Client chose SEBPO over seven (7) other well-known vendors;
  • Utilization rate nearly 100% on 15,660 hours/month;
  • Client has had a 17% increase in new advertisers since starting with SEBPO.


Founded in 2010, the client is a well-known advertising technology company offering innovative solutions to the digital advertising industry through the use of unstructured data. Their demand-side programmatic advertising platform enables marketers and campaign managers to optimize the value of real-time bidding advertising exchanges.

The client’s programmatic platform excels at helping clientele with search retargeting, site retargeting, and custom campaigns. The platform’s unstructured data is ideally suited for creating custom target audiences that allow businesses to execute highly complex campaign strategies.

With its unique digital advertising management solutions and numerous client success stories, the client has grown rapidly since its founding seven years ago. Today, the company is a powerful force in the industry. Their success led them to SEBPO as a company that could offer new and highly skilled ad ops staff; a partner to provide rapid scalability in response to ever-increasing client demands fueling the company’s next era of success.

“I just wanted to inform you that SEBPO did a huge case for us – it was 300 builds and it was great work. The west region has expressed to me that they are so thankful and impressed for the great job. They even said it was a ‘lifesaver.’ So thank you, SEBPO, for saving some lives over here.”

The Challenge

For much of the company’s history, the client utilized temp workers and college interns to manage the repetitive tasks in their Ad Ops workflow. This was an adequate solution when the company’s experienced industry professionals could manage small teams, oversee day-to-day details, and ensure their clients’ needs were met. But, as the company’s rapid growth began to push the limits of that staffing strategy, the search for partners like SEBPO was initiated.

Led by their Director of Sales and Director of Business Development, the company formally began vetting potential ad ops partners in April 2016, a search process that started with eight vendors. During that month, the SEBPO team – Ray Adamson (SVP Corporate Development), Mark Thompson (VP Global Service Delivery) and Todd Sautter (VP Advertising Operations) – spent significant time learning about the organization’s unique needs, challenges, technology, and requirements.  These valuable insights were then used to tailor the perfect solution for the organization. 

The Solution

SEBPO’s on-shore operations team sealed the deal.  The organization was impressed by the operations team’s involvement during the business development process, providing them a glimpse of the valuable role they’d continue to play in the new partnership.

In May 2016, SEBPO launched a team of 10 ad ops resources covering two shifts to mirror their new client’s regular hours (1,616 hours of support per month).  During the implementation process, SEBPO’s team in Bangladesh focused on campaign management functions utilizing the client’s programmatic platform; this was a strategic decision to ensure quality training while also providing exemplary service and accuracy.

As a normal part of SEBPO’s process governance, the Bangladesh team provided two status e-mails to the client each day to detail the progress on ad ops tasks. These reports — along with other data collection tools to monitor utilization and accuracy — are subsequently reviewed in weekly governance calls led by SEBPO’s Krista Achey (VP of Client Success) and are part of quarterly performance reports, which include the entire U.S. operations team.

The Outcome

The client’s team of 10 ad ops staff in Bangladesh has grown rapidly since the relationship kicked off in May 2016, with utilization rates consistently at or near 100%. As of October 2018, the team stands at 90 people and is continuing to grow. In total, the SEBPO team currently provides 15,660 hours/month and has been expanded to cover three shifts, giving the client the 24/7, “follow-the-sun” coverage it needs.  Furthermore, while growth has been rapid, the client’s early investment into the thoughtful and strategic implementation plan mapped out by the SEBPO on-shore operations team allowed SEBPO to assume full responsibility for training every additional staff member that has been added to the team since.  This freed the client to focus on important business and future growth.

Since partnering with SEBPO, the client has seen a 30% increase in campaigns and a 17% increase in total advertisers. Moreover, their own clients are delighted, reallocating more and more of their ad spend from other vendors to the client’s platform.


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