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"It's hard to put into words all of the appreciation and respect I have for the SEBPO team, but here are a few: 100% dependable, greatly appreciated, valued, respected, admired, thankful for, and SO LOVED!"


As publishers and marketers both continue to shift towards the use of third-party programmatic platforms for many of their digital ad-buying needs, optimizing outcomes throughout the programmatic supply chain becomes more challenging every day. Whether approached from the buy-side or sell-side, campaign optimization requires that all players — publishers, advertisers, and the platforms they each use — maximize ROI for their individual business, while working to achieve the shared goals of each campaign along the way.

Sophisticated algorithms and machine learning can automate many of the tasks necessary to connect buy-side demand to sell-side inventory. However, optimization requires intelligent, detail-oriented humans to make real-time business decisions that no computer can.

On the sell-side, publishers and the supply-side platforms (SSP’s) they leverage must optimize yield through the analysis of real-time data to maximize revenue, while also managing fulfillment and providing great value in the way of ad performance.

On the buy-side, brands, agencies, and the demand-side platforms (DSP’s) they utilize must optimize for specific advertising KPI’s – also through the analysis of real-time data – to achieve desired campaign outcomes.

What both sides share in common is a need to optimize value for their customer on the other side of the ad exchange, knowing that the programmatic supply chain is most effective when all players win.

No matter where your organization resides in the programmatic supply chain – buy-side or sell-side – SEBPO can support your business with trained teams experienced in optimization tasks like:

  • Delivery
  • Performance
  • Yield
  • Inventory Management
  • Audience Targeting
  • … and more

And in partnering with SEBPO, our clients are able to remain focused on the core competencies of their business, while also enjoying an easy-to-scale service solution that is proven to help businesses grow more rapidly.

Our optimization teams can integrate with your company in three basic ways:

  • Independent Optimizations: we review and optimize campaigns on a daily basis, making real-time optimizations such as adjusting creative rotations, modifying targeting strategies, and increasing/decreasing max bid. This model highlights one of the unique value propositions SEBPO offers to our clients – the trust our clients have in our ability to act with total independence on their behalf, the result of many years of expertise gained by working successfully in the digital advertising industry.
  • Optimizations with Approval: we actively review dashboards and reports, and present savvy recommendations that can quickly be put into effect with client approval. Like with “independent optimizations” above, SEBPO’s digital advertising expertise shines brightly when we can collaborate with clients to maximize the ROI of each campaign.
  • Directed Optimizations: we follow the clients business rules, making changes based solely on pre-determined guidelines. Very straightforward, very simple.

The skills and expertise of our buy-side and sell-side optimization teams only scratch the surface for how SEBPO can impact your organization. Reliable, positive outcomes within each client’s internal programmatic team is what matters most, and that starts with our dedication to achieving industry-leading accuracy rates – 99.98% in 2017 (based on 765,663 completed tasks; only 153 errors). Exceeding expectations with every SLA builds trust with our clients that frees them to excel at their own core competencies, focus that is critical to the success and growth of their organization.

“It's hard to put into words all of the appreciation and respect I have for the SEBPO team, but here are a few: 100% dependable, greatly appreciated, valued, respected, admired, thankful for, and SO LOVED!”

—current SEBPO client


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