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George Castrissiades | Dir., Ad Operations

“SEBPO afforded us the luxury of making sure that we have the appropriate workflow for all times of the year, providing rapid scalability and flexibility needed due to the seasonality of our business.”


Quality.  Cost.  High-caliber staff.  Creative, strategic thinkers.  Ability to scale quickly.  24/7 attention.  Extension of your team.  Retaining your talent.  Delivering revenue.

These are just some of the reasons why many of the world's most well-known digital publishers and ad platforms look to SEBPO to expertly deliver their ad operations.

“Working with SEBPO, we’ve been able to provide our clients with the high level of service that they are expecting and deliver the revenue dollars that they are asking for. They have very strong resources, and very knowledgeable, educated and responsive teams. They make you look like a rock star in front of your clients.”

—Mike Heffner; VP of Ad Operations, Oath (AOL)

The Challenge

Your company must grow revenue and retain your talent.  High-quality ad operations demands 24/7 attention, flexibility and execution.  It also requires a lot of repetitive work…work that limits your internal team’s capacity to be strategic and creative, which can lead to a high level of attrition.

You need a partner who understands both your core business and your advertising operations needs.  You need an experienced team who can deliver on cost, quality, responsiveness, strategy, and solutions.  Most importantly, you need a team that will help deliver revenue for you and your clients, whether you’re a digital platform or publisher.

The Solution

SEBPO.  We bring the experience, strategic guidance, campaign management, quality assurance and rapid response you need.  We provide you with a single point of contact who is a subject matter expert.  You will be supported with continual 24/7 service between our U.S. and offshore offices.  We truly become an extension of your team.

What sets SEBPO apart?

  • We take the time to understand your high-level goals. We become a strategic partner, helping you chart an effective approach based on our best practices and industry savvy.
  • A clear cost structure you can count on. One hourly rate that does not change.  None of the extra “implementation, project, overtime, and consulting” fees you’ll find from other companies.  No “nickel-and-diming.”  No surprises.
  • Time savings which help you retain your internal talent. Our proven results-driven approach saves you time and money, and frees your team to focus on your clients and develop strategic, creative ways to build your business.  Likewise, SEBPO invests time and energy in the development of our people, and enjoys high levels of staff and expertise retention.
  • We’re flexible and nimble. If you hit an obstacle, we come to you with an immediate solution or anticipate it before it happens.  Need to rapidly expand a campaign?  We can scale teams quickly to support if the need – or opportunity – arises.
  • We take pride in going above and beyond for our clients, delivering high-quality results and enjoying mutual success.

Some of our core services:

  • End-to-End Campaign Management
  • Creative Build, Edit, and Review
  • Inventory Management
  • Analytics
  • Targeting and Retargeting
  • Tag Code Generation and Distribution
  • Custom Projects
  • Quality Assurance: Ongoing Technical and Quality Assessments
  • Governance Meetings, Reporting and Communications

The Outcome

SEBPO’s passion for Ad Ops is found in our client's stories; in their successes and growth.

“We understand that our clients' successes are our successes.”

—Kevin Kochan; CEO, SEBPO

In large part due to successful partnerships with companies like Oath (AOL) and AdTheorent, our company has been honored on the Inc. 5000 List three times (2014, 2016, 2017) and by IAOP on "The Global Outsourcing 100" (GO100) four times (2018, 2016, 2015, 2014), their annual listing of the world’s best outsourcing service providers.


“SEBPO took the time to understand our needs and listen to what must have seemed like impossible demands. You brought in your operations folks early to sweat our business. Your periodic check-ins hit exactly at the right times. You lived in our shoes. From day one, the level of service we have received and the skill level of our assigned team is beyond expectations. SEBPO is now part of our organization, with impressive response rates and actual follow-through. It’s as if they’re a division within our organization.”

—Jason Dennie; VP of Ad Operations, AdTheorent

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