Faith Restored In Outsourcing


Todd Sautter | (Past) Regional Director of Operations, (Current) SEBPO

“Our project managers were able to be more customer-facing and strategic with clients because they were confident the SEBPO team would deliver.”


  • INDUSTRY: Ad Server
  • YEARS: 2


Ad Ops  |  2 Years


  • Client created an ad tech solution called Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO);
  • Platform provided real-time outcomes for advertisers;
  • Client was acquired by Sizmek for $20M
  • Client created an ad tech solution called Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO);
  • Platform provided real time outcomes for brands, publishers, and agencies;
  • Client was acquired by Sizmek for $20M


This ad tech client (acquired by Sizmek in November 2015) was a pioneer in offering its clients a unique digital advertising platform that customized display ads by using a technology called Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Using DCO, content and messaging in ads would be customized to various unique characteristics of the viewer (e.g., pricing based on geography). The multi-channel, data-driven platform allowed their clients – brands, agencies, publishers, and Fortune 500 companies – to evaluate campaign outcomes in real time, allowing AdOps managers to fine-tune those campaigns to optimize outcomes.

“Clients in auto, travel and retail leveraged (the company's) capability to send the right message to the right audience based on their own data to leverage their ad decision,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO and President of Sizmek. “Marketers are moving more towards creative, data-driven decision making. (The DCO platform) helps (sic) them to serve the right ad with the right creative, based on inventory, demographic, and location.”

The Challenge

The company was beginning to struggle to scale its business. Its growth had plateaued as a result of internal team members becoming overwhelmed with repetitive back-office tasks related to AdOps, Creative Production, and QA. Numerous outsourcing vendors had failed to provide the digital advertising expertise and bandwidth necessary to free the the company's internal teams from these burdens; missteps that slowed delivery and eroded client relationships.

Continuing their search for the right outsourcing partner, one that understood the specific challenges of AdOps and Creative Production, the company was introduced to SEBPO. Heading into the 2014 holiday season, they needed a partner that already understood digital advertising technology and could learn their DCO platform rapidly. The ideal partner would then free the company's internal teams to focus on their core competencies, thus allowing them to be more customer-facing and strategically focused in an effort to drive growth.

The Solution

SEBPO evaluated the company's needs and proposed a team of 11 resources, across two teams, that would provide coverage from 3:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday.

The SEBPO AdOps team was trained and quickly inserted into the new client's existing workflow. Tasks were distributed, prioritized, and tracked using Salesforce. Once operational, the SEBPO team functioned as internal “campaign managers” capable of completing any ad trafficking tasks. This, as planned, freed the company's client-facing campaign managers to be more “high touch,” better able to enhance and expand each relationship.

The Creative Production team was built specifically to absorb low-complexity, high volume tasks related to Flash-based ads. Once trained on the client’s creative production platform, the SEBPO team was able to execute requests at a level comparable to the company’s internal veterans; and as a result, the company’s talented designers and developers had more time to focus on delivering highly-complex ads using the DCO technology being demanded by their premiere advertisers.

The Outcome

With its broad experience in digital advertising technology, the SEBPO teams were able to rapidly learn the client's technology stack – project management, ad trafficking, and creative production – quickly making a positive impact that accelerated the client’s growth. Once on-board, SEBPO discovered other areas for improvement that could free the client's team to focus more on client-facing needs – one small, but notable, enhancement was the addition of a QA resource employed on Sundays to free the company’s project managers from having to complete this routine task on their weekends.

“Our project managers were able to be more customer-facing and strategic with clients because they were confident the SEBPO team would deliver.”

—Todd Sautter; (Past) Regional Director of Operations, (Current) SEBPO

Note – In November 2015, the ad tech DCO was acquired by the digital advertising company Sizmek for $20M.




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