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Joel Lassiter | Dir. of Production Operations; ScrollMotion

“Our customers think we're just working 24x7, because we are. We just found a partner that is able to help us do that.”


You have a new digital marketing strategy in the works.  The blueprint for this plan has your company launching a new website user portal that needs to shine brightest on mobile devices. To attract new users, you will deploy a variety of landing pages that are tied to a large digital advertising campaign targeting discrete markets and audiences within them; so, capturing valuable social graphic data and insights about your targeted audiences, social media integration is a must.  And to top it all off, the website and social media channels must be integrated with your CMS and your sales CRM.

… and those are just the big ticket items–you know the challenges of creative assets production, content migration, quality assurance testing, and other repetitive tasks that require attention to detail; once launched there is maintenance, database management/analysis, and more.

… and you need a staff with an abundance of talent and time to bring it all to market.

What do you do?

"Companies often determine that need a partner-not just a vendor that they can hand off work to-a company that aligns with them as it relates to their culture and capabilities that becomes an extension of their team.  That's ServicEngine"

—Rachel Macha; VP of Marketing, (Client N/A)


Nearly all of ServicEngine’s development clients fall into one of two categories:

  1. They have a great team that can cover most of their businesses development needs, but need a partner that can pick-up repetitive tasks, like QA, so that their talented staff can stay focus on high-ROI initiatives. Or,
  2. Their needs are episodic–seasonal, campaign-based, etc.–and they value a partner who can allow their business to scale of demand, providing a flexible work force that can spring to action at nearly a moments notice.

And both of these types of clients share one thing in common, neither can afford the time needed to train and nurture people from the ground up.  No, they need skilled teams, with experience in your type of work, and that only need a bit of time to ramp up on the specifics of your business.

Because whether it is the the successful launch of a digital marketing strategy, or the day-to-day maintenance of that strategy, failure is not an option, and time is money.


ServicEngine offers experienced teams of professionals in production-related tasks:

  • Front End Programming – websites, advertising campaign creative assets, mobile applications
  • Back End Development – CMS/CRM integration, database programming/management
  • Quality Assurance – functional testing, performance testing, code review
  • BPO – data migration, data analytics

We offer rapidly scalable staffing solutions that can both augment your own team, and even provide 24x7, “Follow The Sun” coverage to meet your most demanding business needs.


"One of the things you worry about dealing with offshore companies is that most are going to provide people that just say “yes” to everything, but that don’t actually bring experience and ideas to the table as far as recommendations, areas for improvement, or ideas to enhance product.

ServicEngine is different.  Their teams have years of experience in development tasks, so they brought tool sets in to our partnership on day 1. They wrote their own QA test cases that were high-quality; they provided ideas that helped us to improve our code structure; they offered insights based on similar clients and market trends. You want to work with people like that–people that are smarter than you, who have more experience than you, who make you better.  That’s definitely been provided by ServicEngine."

—Joel Lassiter; Director of Production Operations, ScrollMotion

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